Why Men Pull Away

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Relationship requires a lot of things in order for it to be able to work, but when it seems like it’s suddenly falling apart due to emotional and physical issues you either have to work on it or let it go. You will know if the relationship has run its course based upon how you’re being treated, or not being treated for that matter. There are a variety of reasons why men pull away. It’s not one generic reason why men decide to go this route. It is always based on the individual, situations, and circumstances.

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Why do men pull away when it seems like everything is going good in the relationship? Men sometimes pull away because they are afraid to commit. This means giving up the playboy image and losing their “freedom”. Some men believe that a commitment will cramp their style and restrict them from having fun. As a result, they will instinctively take flight by pulling away. Everything can be going good between you two until he feels threatened with his freedom being lost. And if there’s nothing wrong in the relationship at the time he will create an atmosphere of discord between you’ll which will justify him pulling away.

Why do men pull away? Men have a tendency to retreat to their man cave when they’re stressed or when they’re having problems expressing themselves emotionally, and vocally. Most women find it difficult accepting this hard truth about some men, because if women have an issue they call up their girlfriend and talk about what’s bothering them. Women can talk all night about an issue until it’s out of their system, leaving them with a resolution. Women seek comfort in their friends and family. Unfortunately, some men would rather retreat from their issues instead of advancing towards them by engaging in a dialog about what’s plaguing them. And as a result, he becomes reserved and unresponsive. However, you do have some men who are not afraid to discuss their issues, whether it is with his lady or his friends. The only thing about discussing certain issues with his friend, in some cases, is receiving the wrong feedback causing more damage than good.

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Men don’t like to be probed about what’s bothering them because sometimes they’re unable to express what they’re going through. Men need time to process what they’re going through in their own time without being pressured to do so. When a man is having a hard time, he needs to pull back and assess the situation on his own. Men by nature are builders and fixers of things; they like to fix things even when things cannot be fixed. When men get in this mode it is best to give them their space to work on their issues. Don’t nag or pester him because he doesn’t want to open up and express himself to you at the moment. This will only add to his stress causing him to further retreat from you. This creates a vicious cycle of you pushing him away, and pulling him back until he either distance himself from you entirely or the relationship continues with underlying tension. I guarantee you that if you give him his space to process what he’s going through he will respect and appreciate you more for doing so. For more information click the link below.

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Why do men pull away? Sometimes men pull away because some women are too needy. Some men are not use to this. It’s overwhelming to them. Some women want too much too soon from him emotionally because they’re feeling emotionally void and they expect the man to fill that void. Being needy isn’t so much a set of behaviors as it is a state of mind. Some men would rather feel wanted and desired, as opposed to being needed.

Men enjoy being in a monogamous relationship with the right woman. However, he has a fear of losing his “freedom” as a result. He fears being trapped in a situation with a woman who’s unappreciative of his good deeds and who sucks him dry and drain the very life from his body. A man is more inclined to feel free in a relationship when he’s with a woman who is whole and makes him feel complete. He wants a woman who is inspired to do better and be better. Not someone who is uninspired and rely on the relationship to meet her every need.

Ladies, at the end of the day, try to be a little more understanding to the needs of your man. If he needs space, give him the space he needs. Also, it doesn’t matter why your man is becoming withdrawn and reserved towards you. The solution is always the same: give him space and focus on loving yourself and your life. He will most likely come around and will go back to being that sweet, caring, attentive guy that he was in the beginning.

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