Is He Or She Your Soul Mate?

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Mention the word soul mate to some and you’re bound to receive an awkward response. That’s because some people find the idea challenging that there’s a magical person who was tailor made just for them, who they will fall in love with instantly and be in harmony with for the rest of their lives. A soul mate is a rare thing to come by and doesn’t happen every day. Is your partner your soul mate? If so, how can you tell? Learn to recognize the signs. Here are some clues that will suggest that the person in your life is truly your soul mate.

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What Is a Soul Mate?

  • A soul mate is someone you know instinctively, and connect with on a deeper level. Someone that will allow you to be yourself and grow as a person and within the relationship. They’re meant to fulfil psychical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Your soul mate acts as a platform for you to reach your highest potential, positively raise the bar for your life, with his or her knack for supporting you and being with you as a partner.

Why a Soul Mate Matters

  • You might not evolve or become who you were meant to become.
  • A soul mate isn’t someone who ridicules you, zaps your energy or makes you feel badly, sad or “not enough.”
  • Your soul mate will be comforting, understanding and wants the same things out of life that you do.

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Be Yourself

  • You can always be yourself around your soul mate. You don’t have to pretend or walk around with a façade because you cannot be yourself. Your soul mate will always understand you even when you don’t understand you.
  • A soul mate is like a “twin soul” that knows you on a deep level and has this innate ability to complete you.

Your Soul Mate Understands You on a Deeper Profound Level

  • It doesn’t mean that your soul mate has been through the exact same things you have been through, but he or she has enough similarity to compassionately understand what you’ve been through.
  • Soul mates can communicate without saying one word. They can read each other like an open book. They connect on a deeper level.
  • Is there an instinctive connection between you two? Soul mates are connected intuitively. They finish each other sentences. They pick up the phone simultaneously to call each other.

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Does This Person Cause You to Feel Energetic or Fatigued?

  • Your soul mate will make you feel energetic and animated.
  • Your soul mate will have the effect of lifting you to your highest potential and be a positive influence in your life.
  • A person is not your soul mate if he or she is negative, depletes you of energy or is jealous, manipulative or abusive.

Are You Confused or Clear Headed?

  • A soul mate will create an atmosphere that’s absent of confusion. The direction of your life as well as the relationship will be clear with little drama or discord.
  • Focus on your body. How does this person make you feel? How does your body respond? Is it at peace or at war in this person’s presence?

While this is not an exclusive list in determining your soul mate, it does give you a base to recognizing them. There are usually telltale signs that let you know when your soul mate has arrived, a strong sense of recognition, a voice in your head, and a burning desire in your stomach that this person is special for you. Use these tips to learn how to identify your soul mate and how to enhance your commitment.

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