How To Save Your Marriage

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Marriage is a sacred union between two people in the sight of God. It is a commitment to love, trust, honor and obey until death due you apart. Therefore, you should never take this commitment for granted by giving up or giving in when the marriage is not going according to plan. When you made the decision to get married, you were making a vow to your partner for better or for worst. That meant that you would fight for the marriage in the good seasons as well as the bad seasons. Somehow some married couple’s forgot about this lifetime commitment and the end result is the divorce rate increasing in our society.

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Don’t get me wrong maintaining a healthy marriage is a lot of work. You get out of it what you put into it. If you put the necessary time, energy, and effort into building a happy, healthy, and prosperous marriage, guess what, that will be your end result. The opposite is true as well. If you’re not putting the time, energy, and effort into maintaining a happy, healthy, and prosperous marriage, your end result will be disappointment and misery, which can lead to divorce or separation. Certainly you’re going to experience ups and downs in the marriage but the key is to keep an open mind and maintain an open line of communication with each other. Whenever a situation arises discuss it, resolve it the same day and move on. Do not, I repeat, do not go to bed angry under any circumstances. Don’t let the sun go down on your wrath. Whatever it is make a concerted effort to discuss it and move on. So before you throw in the towel on your marriage remember why you married that person in the first place, and then take the necessary action steps to save your marriage.

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When trying to save your marriage you should stabilize the connection you have with your partner because this can be the basis for satisfaction of both parties in the relationship. A deep bond or connection that a person has with their partner can help with working out issues that plague the marriage. Reestablishing the bond and connection with your partner will help to foster and promote a healthy marriage again. A healthy marriage entails, trust, honesty, commitment and effective communication. Although, this is a dual process between the two, sometimes one will have to compensate for the other. When one is not able to give 50%, 60%, 70%……, the other will have to compensate for what’s lacking in making up the 100%.

We are all familiar with the quote “Love conquers all”. It is a popular quote because it is one that some believes to be true. In the wake of everything that’s going on in marriages, is it really true. Does love conquer all? Can two people who are in love with one another overcome any and all adversities in their marriage? Can they get the sparks back? Can they get the life back into their marriage? I think that it’s a matter of perception and value that will determine if love will conquer all in your marriage. When you have a strong value system that’s rooted in love and you’re able to perceive beyond the current situation you would be able to conquer all that’s in your path. If love is the foundation of your marriage, then it should be able to withstand and overcome any obstacles or adversities.

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When it comes to marriage, there always have to be a healthy balance of heart, mind, and soul. The two shall become one. Both individuals have to be on one accord in order for the marriage to be productive and healthy. What I mean by one accord is both are in agreement with what direction the marriage needs to go in. You both are hearing from God and following his plan and purpose for your marriage. Being on one accord is appreciating and accepting the likes and the dislikes of each other. Being on one accord is supporting each other when one makes a wrong decision or messes up. You have to get back to the grace and beauty of the marriage by loving and appreciating each other again. Fight for your marriage no matter what.

Although, this task can prove to be difficult and challenging, I can assure you that the risk is worth the reward, a happy, healthy, and prosperous marriage.

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