How To Build Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence is the faith that you have in yourself that allows you to carry out tasks and accomplishments in your daily life. According to Carl Rogers, a humanistic psychologist, humans have one basic motive and that is the tendency to self-actualize by fulfilling one’s potential and achieving the highest level of ‘human accomplishments. Like a flower that will grow to its full potential if the conditions are right, and fade away if not nurtured and nourished. People are the same way. They will flourish and prosper if the conditions of the environment are conducive to their growth and development. Although, the basic motive is to self-actualize, one of the ways that you achieve this is through confidence. However, as time progressed many people have lost their way in this process and their confidence has diminished to the point of low self-esteem. So how to be more confident is a question that needs to be asked and explored.

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I am often told by many people that I have an overwhelming sense of self confidence and self-worth. So let me share with you my secrets on how to be more confident with the hopes that somehow it will aid and assist you in building your own confidence.

The first set of secrets that I use in being more confident is making sure that I am secure in who I am and what I am. One thing that can bring people down and make them feel less in themselves is their attitude and insecurities about themselves. This is not to suggest that I have always felt secure and confident in my life because that is further from the truth. I had to learn how to be more confident by changing my thinking and changing my attitude. Once I did that I would have daily affirmations that I would recite like, I am confident, I am beautiful, I am great just to name a few. You can come up with your own affirmations that suitable for you.

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The key is to stay focus of your self-worth and believe in yourself. Believe that you are beautiful, confident, and full of joy. And whatever you do don’t let people or circumstances ever take that away from you. Don’t let people’s opinion of you become your reality. Don’t let people dump on you or beat you up with their words because they’re insecure about their own self-worth. The worst thing that you can do is to compare yourself with others who you think is better than you in some way. I have learned to never compare myself with others because it will only frustrate you and make you feel insecure. Don’t fall into that trap because you’re setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Be true to yourself, you are unique in your own way. There’s no one else like you. You are fearfully and wonderfully created. Take pride in that and let your beauty radiate from the inside out.

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My second set of secrets that I use in being more confident in addition with my daily affirmations is through mental power or mind power. Thinking about how confident and secure I am through exercising my ability to think on a daily basis. I condition my mind to believe that I am confident, secure, intelligent, beautiful, and strong. Try this exercise for 30 days and watch the transformation in how your confidence level is boosted. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe the body can achieve.

In conclusion, the final secret that I use is the way that I present myself. I’m always well groomed and my clothes are always clean, coordinated and classy. Remember, if you look good, you will feel good.

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