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There are a lot of studies to be found regarding human behavior as it relates to men, women, and relationships. Some have concluded that these studies have helped while others remain skeptical. I can understand their skepticism because we are our own individual selves and each relationship is different. Regardless to how you feel on the subject matter, we need to ask the question. Does generic dating relationship advice apply to most people? The fact is dating relationship advice does apply to some people and in some situation, but not all the time. We can attribute that to the human factor as well as the psychological factor that dictates one’s behavior in a relationship.

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People are driven by their own emotions. We all have a different personality that makes us all unique and special. With this understanding of human behavior we have to take each relationship on a case by case basis. Because what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another.

Dating relationship advice, in a relationship you should stabilize the connection that you have with your partner because this can be a basis for the satisfaction of both parties in the relationship. A deep bond or connection that you have with your partner can help with working out issues that you may find in yourself. These issues may be rooted in your childhood or past relationships. Having a deep bond or connection will help to foster a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship entails, trust, honesty, commitment and effective communication. Although, this is a dual process between the two, sometimes one will have to compensate for the other. When one is not able to give 50%, 60%, 70%……, the other will have to compensate for what’s lacking in making up the 100%.

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When it comes to dating relationship advice, there always have to be a healthy balance of heart and mind. Both individuals have to be on one accord in order for the relationship to be productive and healthy. What I mean by one accord is both are in agreement with what direction the relationship needs to go in. Being on one accord is appreciating and accepting the likes and the dislikes of each other. Being on one accord is supporting each other when one makes a wrong decision or messes up. Although, this task can prove to be difficult and challenging, I can assure you that the risk is worth the reward. These are some of the ways that you achieve and maintain a healthy balance of heart and mind in a relationship.

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In conclusion, in a relationship you should always talk about accepting that there are things in a relationship that must be addressed. The key is effective communication. In any healthy relationship men and women must set time aside to communicate effectively. It is in these times that you will be allowed to voice your concerns and opinions. Not only voice them but to be heard and taken into consideration. Be non-judgmental and be rational. Display unbiased and genuine concern about how your partner feels. Try to be as transparent as you possibly can.

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