Dating Advice For Women From Men

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If you ask who can give better advice to women when it comes to dating, I would say men. In most instances men will probably give you the right and most powerful advice in dating men. This is because, men are the targeted market, and for sure their advice is based on their point of view in what they want and need in dating and in a relationship. Who is better in knowing what men want, other than men? We all know that when it comes to dating men, there is a wealth of information that we can gather from men that will aide and assist women in the process.

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Dating advice for women from men, most men like excitement and adventure. And this applies in the bedroom as well. Men have sexual fantasies just like women. Some are freakier than others. You know the saying; he wants a lady in public, but a freak in the bedroom. Ladies, when you’ll get to that point in the relationship be that freak in the bedroom for him. Keep him interested and always leave him wanting more. Don’t show him all of your tricks to soon. Keep him guessing. Men usually venture outside of the relationship because they get bored and tired of the same old routine. They lose the passion and the drive as a result.  This will keep the spice and excitement in you’ll sex life. Don’t give him any reason to go outside of the relationship.

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Dating advice for women from men, men love when a woman is open minded. Today’s man is in tune with his emotions. He wants to feel secure in sharing his feelings with you without you being judgmental. A lot of times we ask for the truth. However, in some instances if the truth be told, we can’t handle it. Try to be as open minded and unbiased as you possibly can. Extend your listening and unbiased ear as you would want him to extend to you.

Dating advice for women from men, men don’t really like when a woman pry into his past to soon. Give him the time and opportunity to share his past with you. Some things are too painful for him to share at any given moment. He may still be healing from some past hurts. Let him confront and overcome any issues that may hinder you’ll potential relationship in his own time. If you’ll do decide to be in a relationship and those issues are still not addressed, then it is your responsibility to help him along the way by getting him to confront those issues in a subtle way. If he trusts you he will open up to you eventually.

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Dating advice for women from men, whether you are on your first date or your fifth date, men don’t want to hear stories about your previous partner/s, especially when it is not being asked. Although, discussing previous relationships can help each other get to know one another. Ladies you have to feel this one out. Let him ask without you volunteering the information. And even then, be discretionary in all that you share with him. You don’t want the personal and private information that you share with him to be thrown back in your face at a later time. In addition, you don’t want to hurt his feelings and cause a bias towards you. Men are competitive by nature, and they have a tendency to compare themselves to other men especially when they’re trying to win your heart. Keep the past in the past, and the present in the present. If for some reason or another he finds out about something that transpired in the past with you that concerns him. Tell him the truth and remind him that it was in the past and there’s no reason for him to be concerned about it in the present.

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