Christian Marriage

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As a happily married Christian for thirteen plus years I can attest that Christian marriage is a wonderful and rewarding experience. Aside from the love, respect, trust, communication and commitment that we share together, faith in God is the glue and guidance that has sustained us in those turbulent and trying times. Christian marriage is about love, trust, respect, commitment, and communication. There are times when you both have to compromise to keep the peace in the marriage. Also, there are going to be times when both parties refuse to compromise. It is in those times that you both have to lean and rely on God.

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Effective communication is essential in the growth and development of the marriage. Studying and fellowshipping together is a key ingredient for a healthy marriage. In addition, learning how to pray for yourselves and one another is instrumental in maintaining a healthy marriage as well. Another nugget that I would like to share with you regarding a healthy Christian marriage before I go into the dating process leading to marriage is never ever go to bed angry about anything. Always make a concerted effort to resolve and clear the air before you both go to sleep. And men, learn to say that you’re wrong even when you’re right just to keep the peace because a happy wife is a happy life.

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Here are some more nuggets that you need to know during the dating process before you approach the marital stage:

If you want to date someone or if you are looking for a date, look for someone who does have a personal relationship with Christ because this will ensure that you both are on the same page. Besides, the Bible states that you should not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Having an understanding of Christian principles will help to keep you both from falling into sinful lust for each other during the dating process. There are going to be times when your mind is strong but your flesh is weak. Don’t give in to temptation; don’t gratify your flesh because it’s burning with passion and desire for your partner. Instead, give way to prayer and distance yourself from the temptation. You will always have a means of escaping the temptation, be strong. Don’t give in to your fleshy desires at the risk of perverting your relationship before marriage. It may be a good idea to find a happily married couple that you both can be accountable too.

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In a Christian marriage you have to choose between passions versus obedience, obedience to God. Learning how to do things God’s way instead of your way. Christian marriage does not give in to passion of what the world is promoting today. You’ll have to learn how to seek Godly counsel, read the Bible, pray together and communicate effectively with each other.

In Christian marriage you both should be working on becoming the best you possible. Take every opportunity to grow and develop according to God’s plan for your life. Work on making sure that you have a well-balanced marriage. Develop your emotional and spiritual well-being. Develop a timeframe to evaluate yourself and the relationship to make sure that it’s in alignment with God’s purpose and plan for your life and your marriage. Evaluate the relationship to see if you have a great physical relationship, but may be lacking or deficient in other areas of the relationship. .

In Christian marriage, we believe that love conquers all adversities and challenges. We rely of the Holy Spirit to guide and teach us how to have a healthy marriage.  Overall Christian marriage is great because unlike worldly marriages we have a doctrine that teaches us how to live right, thus having a happy, healthy, and prosperous marriage.

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