Are You Having Trouble Connecting With Your Partner?

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Having a connection with the one you love is a wonderful experience. It takes away the loneliness in the relationship. However, sometimes we get inundated with life and we take each other for granted. Although, we desire this connection, we often find it elusive. Maintaining a happy, healthy, and prosperous relationship requires a lot of effort, time and commitment. Are you willing to make the necessary sacrifices to connect on a deeper level with your partner? Here are some helpful tips on maximizing your satisfaction and your partner’s in order to achieve a happy, healthy, and prosperous relationship.

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What’s All the Fuss About, Anyways?

  • Connection – A bond between two people in a relationship that when nurtured has the power to help a relationship grow stronger over time and contribute to an amazing sex life. Also, you have to connect with yourself first. You cannot connect with another if you’re disconnected from yourself. Get to the place where you are open and flowing with inner peace.
  • Intimacy – You need intimacy in the bedroom for a man’s satisfaction and emotional intimacy for a women’s satisfaction. Both lead to overall relationship happiness for a lifetime.
  • Show You Care – Create opportunity for stronger connection through small gestures of appreciation and love, such as texting each other during your work day, taking over making dinner or doing the dishes, and speaking kindly to one another.

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Eat Breakfast Together

  • Focus on romance first thing in the morning. Breakfast in bed is a great chance to build a connection that lasts all day. Or you can go out to breakfast and share in the connection of being together.
  • Choose your partner’s favorite foods, and enjoy making breakfast together once a week together.  Having breakfast together is an excellent way to improve connection.

Hold Hands More

  • Touch more – Holding hands is the easiest way to increase the frequency in which you touch. Hold hands while you eat, sit on the couch or when you have a discussion with each other. Focus on making your partner feel good. Every time you hold hands, you’re strengthening your bond. Hold hands every chance you get.

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Communicate often

  • Don’t miss out on opportunities to bond over each other’s day. Let your partner have some time to unwind after getting home from work; then focus on each other.
  • What was your partner’s day like, and what was yours like? Go over the highlights, and then give specifics. You can’t form a stronger connection if you aren’t detailed about your work life.

Be Present

  • Be present and attentive when your partner is speaking. Listen to what they have to say. Sometimes they just need to vent and they’re using you as a sounding board. Don’t be so quick to dismiss them because they’re discussing something that’s of no interest to you. Engage them; look them in the eyes when they’re speaking to you.
  • Care about what your partner is saying by being attentive and responsive.

Have fun time together

  • Set time aside to go out and enjoy each other’s company. Go out to dinner, theater, a movie, or a relaxing walk in the park.
  • Get that creative, relaxing and fun-time back by doing the things you use to do in the beginning of the relationship. Like talking for hours at a time, sharing thoughts and ideas, sharing relaxing moments, holding hands, and walking arm in arm.

Spending quality time together is essential to the growth and development of your relationship. Don’t take connecting with your partner for granted. Connecting and supporting each other is what we need to have a healthy relationship. Follow these tips, and you’ll increase your happiness!

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