10 Ways To Choose Your Own Happy Ending In A Relationship

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Regardless of the ideal partner you may have in your life right now. Everyone under the sun comes with issues and baggage that need to be confronted and conquered. That’s part of growth and development in creating a happy relationship. The point is to grow through each and every situation together so you both can learn to love and appreciate one another. It will help to foster a healthy relationship. Take comfort in working through the difficult and rough spots of the relationship by creating your own happily ever after.  Here are 10 ways to make that happen!

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Make a List of All the Pros in Your Relationship

  • No relationship will be perfect in every way. Stay positive and focus on the good of the relationship. The good will always overshadow the bad.
  • Make a list of the wonderful qualities in your partner and how he or she enhances your life.
  • Place that list somewhere private that you can reference it when you need too, and give thanks for your relationship daily.
  • Reference those happy, wonderful and exciting times you had in the beginning of the relationship. Remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Focus on the Lessons of Life

  • Everything in life is an educational process. We live and learn from life experiences. Learning from each life experience will prevent us from making the same mistakes.
  • During rough patches with your spouse or partner, focus on the possible lesson you’re meant to learn.
  • If you’re not receiving the attention you deserve from your partner, initiate the change you would like to see. Don’t wait on them to initiate anything because it may never happen. Sometimes when we’re too comfortable in a relationship we have a tendency to take our partner for granted. We stop doing the little things that matters the most.

Have a Life Outside of the Relationship

  • Your partner is a big piece of your life, but not everything.
  • Keep your relationship in proper perspective, like you do everything else.
  • Don’t treat your relationship as your identity because it’s not! Don’t idolize your partner because you’ll set yourself up for a lot of heartache and disappointment.
  • Focus on establishing a strong sense of self by keeping up with your social life, expanding your hobbies, exercising and continuing to learn about yourself.

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Maintain a Strong Social Network

  • Focus on your friends. Don’t disappear from your social life just because you’re in a healthy relationship.
  • Include your social life into your relationship. Plan at least one activity a month where your partner can be part of your social circle. It will enhance your satisfaction inside and outside of the relationship.

Maintain a Strong Identity

  • Focus on you and what matters to you. What are you passionate about? What are the things you enjoy doing the most?
  • Maintain your individuality. Continue to do the things that make you happy even if your partner doesn’t share in the excitement.

Focus on Evolving

  • Remember, you’re always changing and always evolving. Accept this, and embrace it.
  • Repeat this affirmation: “Everything that has happened, or is happening, or will happen, is totally within my control, and I love every minute of it.”

Compromise on the Things That Don’t Matter So Much

  • Just as you shouldn’t compromise on things that mean the world to you, pick and choose your battles.
  • What feels OK to give up? What would make your partner happy? What can you let go of in order to enhance you and your partner’s satisfaction? Sometimes in relationships we have to make sacrifices to keep the passion burning.

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Express Gratitude for Your Partner, and Have Your Partner Do the Same

  • Expressing your love vocally to your partner isn’t always enough. Love is an action word and you have to show love.
  • Commit to giving thanks to your partner for one thing every single day and ask the same them.
  • You need to feel valued, and gratitude is the quickest way to accomplish that.

Make Self-Care a Priority

  • Take care of yourself first and then your partner.
  • Start each morning with some sort of exercise, wholesome breakfast, a few moments of mediation or reflection and doing something you enjoy.

Don’t Swap Your Hobbies for Your Partner’s Interests

  • Don’t sacrifice the things you enjoy most.
  • Don’t become a “partner molder,” a partner who molds to his or her partner’s interests and loses a sense of self.

It is not uncommon to get so caught up in your relationship that you lose a sense of self. What’s not always so common is finding the courage to get it back. Save yourself a lot of heartache and pain by following the tips from this article and create a loving, lasting, and peaceful relationship. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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