10 Creative Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life!

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Every long-term relationship experiences staleness or lack of excitement in the bedroom at some point or another. There’s nothing like spontaneity and an exciting love life. Remember how it was in the beginning, the excitement, the burning passion, and spontaneity? You both couldn’t get enough of each other. What happens when that passion is gone and your sex life becomes boring and predictable? Here are 15 exciting and creative ways to add some zest and zeal in the bedroom so that you look at your partner with passion and desire the way you once did.

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Buy a Sex Book and Have Fun Reading It Together

  • Focus on something new to add spice to your relationship, buy a sex book and get new and exciting ideas that you can try.
  • Have fun with it; don’t take it so seriously.
  • Use a sex book as a way to bring flirtation and experimentation in your relationship. This is something you both can have fun with.

Try a New Position

  • Tired of being on top each time or having sex in the missionary position? Try to spice things up by selecting a new position in bed.
  • Different sex positions can amount to different orgasm intensity.
  • Studies show that men and women who are diverse in their sex positions experience greater overall emotional connection as well. Intimacy starts in the bedroom but translates to all areas of your relationship.

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Role Play

  • Live out your fantasies safely with role-playing.
  • Focus on “roles” that excite you, a dominating “boss,” a flight attendant, a “captain” of a ship, etc. Make it fun and flirtatious!
  • Don’t limit role-playing to the bedroom? Go out to the bar, café, restaurant, theater, etc…, and act out accordingly wooing your partner.

Touch, Kiss, and Embrace More

  • Where has all the kissing gone?
  • Long-term relationships fail to keep up passionate kissing, oftentimes when the excitement of the relationship is gone. You both get comfortable and complacent with each other taking affection and intimacy for granted. Get that passion and drive back by trying new things. Be spontaneous, get creative, you know what your partner like, surprise them.

Focus on the Erogenous Zones

  • There are 10 erogenous zones. Hit them all for an exciting way to spruce up the romance.
  • The erogenous zones include the lips, earlobe, toes, back of the ear, nape of the neck, stomach, scalp, inner arm, etc. Focus on each one and in random order.

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Have Sex in a Different Location

  • Move your sex out of the bedroom for a sizzling hot sex life!
  • Focus on wherever you feel safe and excited to have foreplay and sex, your backyard, the closet, the kitchen or the car.
  • Have sex during unpredictable times, so your partner will think of you as unpredictable.

Describe Your Fantasies to Each Other

  • Focus on describing in detail your fantasy life.
  • Talk in a whisper to your partner, touch your partner’s arm and graze them on the neck while passionately kissing them. Then go back to the exciting fantasy you’d love for them to play out with you.

Flirtatious Body Language

  • Gaze into your partner’s eyes, and then lean in for a passionate embrace. When your partner begins to wince at your passion, slowly move back while gazing them in the eyes.
  • Lean into your partner’s body while feeding them a spoonful of decadent desert.

Speak to Each Other Using Double Meaning

  • Focus on double meanings in conversation to spice up your love life. It’s easy and can be done with virtually any topic.
  • Throw your partner off guard with your flirtation.
  • E.g. “This food is succulent, isn’t it? Well, I know something else that’s succulent and I would love to suck on it this evening…

Feed Each Other Dinner

  • Devote an entire night to feeding your partner his or her meal.
  • Keep it going with simple foods, fruits, vegetables, chocolate, meat or seafood, anything that can easily be put into your partner’s mouth.

Always remember that achieving and maintaining a healthy, fulfilling and satisfying sex life requires time and effort from both parties. Take the time to communicate clearly and concisely what you want in the bedroom. Help your partner to better understand your needs and desires when it comes to pleasuring you in the bedroom. Discuss it openly and honestly without constraints so that you both will be at ease with the conversation. In addition, intimacy does not start in the bedroom. It starts in the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, inside the car, at the mall, etc…. Use these tips and take your relationship to a whole new level.

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